Yawar Application and Website Development company

Clean & Modern Design

We provide clean and modern Application and website devlopment.


Illand our design go further then just logos.

Application Development

We also develop applications on IOS, Android and windows, not to mention our website application development.

Web Development

We design and develop beautiful responsive websites from scratch and also provide the client with framework design so they would be able to edit there websites freely.

Digital Design

We provide all types of digital design and have qualified designers and programmers.

Fully Responsive

All our work may it be application or website development, everything is fully responsive

Our Applications

MEMO Messenger

A chat application that provides text chatting, sending photos and videos, as well as voice and video calls

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Media App

A social networking application that allows sharing publications, photos and videos, in addition to the ability to create a profile, pages, groups, stories, add friends, and others.

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Our Latest Works


Our Work




Our Schools have the latest and greatest features and technologies in Iraq, we continue to grow and improve daily.

APP Development

We provide fully responsive web and app development on IOS and Android based devices, we offer ongoing support.

Web Design

Our web design is fully responsive and modern. Once a on looker sees our website their immedietly hooked.


The managing director of the company, Mr. Rizgar Omar Ahmed

+964 770 025 2323

+90 534 391 5915

Why Choose our schools and servies

We provide the students with summer courses to further improve their grades and educational skills. Our staff are fully qualified in the fiels they teach, and have a love and passion for their jobs.

Our company was established in 2018 but we have been around for a lot longer then that, we have established more than 30 private schools in Iraq and are growing and improving every day.

Contact our schools at the number +964 770 792 7257, and find out which one of our services are best suited for you and your location.

Daar Al-Auloom is one of the best schools in Kirkuk and we provide great Education at a great price, with qualified teachers. We have a primary school, and two secondary schools on for boys and the other for girls.

Aya Kirkuk has a boys, girls and a mixed primary school. Our education and curriculum is all in the English language providing the best education to the best students.

Manarat Al-Auloom is one of our oldest schools and has some of the best teachers out there.


Take a look at this video of our school

This video is our school advertisement for the year 2021, and it perfectly shows how organized we are and all of our Daar Al Auloom.

Our Staff

Our staff are experienced, qualified and speacialised in the fields they teach insuring that each anf every one opf our students gets the best education possible.

Specialised Schools

We have secondary schools for Boys only and Girls only and also have a mixed primary school, all in the province of Kirkuk.